5 reasons to sail across the Ionian islands

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14/01/2020 provatas.nikolas

5 reasons to sail across the Ionian islands

There are various things that make the Ionian really irresistible for anyone who loves yacht vacations. Its remarkable islands consist the main reason. The truth is that a google search will give you thousands of reasons to go for it, but we are here to give you some of the best ones in order to help you decide and spare you from unnecessary clicks! So, let’s start…

#1 Ionian gives you alternatives. Innumerous alternatives to be specific, that could cover all of your needs. We are referring to its islands – the Heptanese (also known as “the Seven Islands”). It is a group of 7 main (and some smaller) islands, famous for their seas, beaches and inlands. These islands are the following: Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos (Paxi), Lefkas (Lefkada), Ithaca (Ithaki), Cephalonia (Kefalonia), Zante (Zakynthos) and Cerigo (Kythira), which in reality doesn’t make part of the region of the Ionian Islands, but it is included in the region of Attica. Some of these islands may include their own satellite islands, whereas in the area there are many more smaller islands (like Kalamos, Meganisi, Antikythera, Othonoi, Kastos and others) of unparalleled beauty.

#2 It is full of history… If you like Greek history and you enjoy museums and archeological sites, then you have one more reason to go for it! Under almost every stone of the Ionian islands there is a hidden history waiting to be discovered. A tourist guide of the island you will choose to visit will show you around and will inform you of all the things you want to know about the past…

#3 Ionian seas remain unforgettable. Once you be there, you will never want to leave. And once you leave, you will always want to return. In the Ionian Sea you one can find marvelous bays, with crystal waters and pure white or golden sand. The Shipwreck Bay in Zante, is considered one of the top destinations all over the world, whereas according to the Insider, it is placed in 5th position on the list of the Best Beaches in the World. Moreover, Mediterranean Sea is warm and calm most of the time and Ionian is considered ideal for beginners in sailing since distances are relatively short. And if these reasons aren’t enough, check also Myrtos Beach in Cephalonia and Porto Katsiki in Lefkas, and you will surely change your mind.

#4 Food rocks! Does gastronomy excite you? Then get ready to be extremely excited, because the local cuisine of the Ionian islands is simply delicious. The good part is that you can find it not only in award-winning restaurants, but in traditional local tavernas that combine taste and folklore. Lefkas is famous for its salami, Chephalonia for feta cheese, whereas in Zante you can find the perfect ladotyri (a kind of cheese preserved in oil). Corfu, on the other hand, is famous for pastitsada, sofrito and bourdeto – two traditional recipes you should definitely try. Of course, this is only a tiny part of Ionian’s signature dishes, all you have to do is discover the rest of it 😉  

#5 Wine rocks as well! If you enjoy wine tourism, then Ionian is the place to be, since on its islands you can discover magnificent wineries and have a unique experience of knowing and tasting numerous varieties of wines. In Cephalonia, for example, you will get to taste among others Mavrodaphne, Robola and Muscat and in Zante the famous PGI Verdea.