6+1 sailing tips for beginners

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17/02/2020 provatas.nikolas

6+1 sailing tips for beginners

You love the idea of sailing and you have decided to make your dream come true by taking your first vacation on a boat. This is definitely one of the best decisions you ever made since we can ensure you that you are about to live an amazing experience! In order to make the best out of this, we’re giving you 6+1 sailing tips for beginners to help you enjoy your first sailing trip even more!

1. Get in touch with terminology

You may not be the captain, but it is essential to read up some of the basic sailing terms before you hit the water. These terms will help you communicate better with the captain and the rest of the crew. Moreover, when you will decide to start with your sailing sessions, the lessons will be much easier to follow.  

2. Go by the book 

Self-taught is the one thing you would better not be as far as sailing is concerned. Yes, you can surely spend some time on reading the theoretical part, but when it comes to practice you better do it with someone how knows. Besides, if you do love sailing, it’s worth to investing in it!

3. You are good, but be… humble

Yes, you are indeed good but -let’s face it- you are not yet familiar with the water nor with the boat. What does that mean? If you really want to get better, you should start small. A small boat is easier to handle and it is also much more responsive than a big one. So, if you are not… on board just for fun, then you should better do your practice on a small boat.  

4. Choose the “friendliest” root

That’s the root that includes calm waters, light winds and low traffic. All these conditions will allow you to master your techniques and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

5. Always be informed

About what? About the weather, the wind and the tides. Invest in the right gear, get to know the site you are about to visit and be well prepared in order to not be caught off guard.    

6. Put safety first 

There is nothing more important than being safe on board. Either you are experienced or not, safety precautions must be strictly adhered. Which are the most important? Be informed and inform your travel buddies about everything they should be aware of such as the possibility of swimming, the way they should be wearing and using a floatation jacket, what they could do if they will be feeling dizzy.


Choose Greece for your first trip!

You may not be yet aware of it but the Greek seas rank among the top sailing destinations in all over the world. By visiting Greece, you will have the opportunity to swim in some of the most clean and beautiful seas worldwide. You will get to know part of the history and the civilization of ancient Greece; you will taste the famous Mediterranean cuisine and you will have the chance to daydream under the Greek summer sun! And that’s only a small part of the amazing experience that is waiting for you by choosing… Greece!