Best tips for enjoying a week on a yacht!

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01/03/2020 provatas.nikolas

Best tips for enjoying a week on a yacht!

“Come on now!”, you will think “How tough can be spending a week on a boat?”

You know what? You are completely right. If you are well prepared and you have good company, nothing can spoil your days – not even a “not-so-good” weather forecast. What we intend to do through this article is to point out some simple things you should have in mind in order to have a great time during your yacht vacation. So, here are the best tips for enjoying a week on a yacht!

Be aware of the limited space. You are probably not used in living in a tight space with -more or less- seven other people. That means that, first of all, you should carefully check whom you are traveling with. Secondly, you should pack light and accept the fact that you are not going to be as comfortable as you are in your own house, but if you choose the right yacht for you, you can be comfortable enough! 

Travel light. “4Winds” yachts come fully equipped as far as white linens are concerned. This means that you have nothing to worry about as far as sheets, towels, etc. are concerned. That saves you time, effort and… extra space on your luggage. 

Think about water. Clean and fresh water is one of the most essential things while you are travelling on a yacht. “4Winds” offers water maker so there is no need to worry about your fresh water reserves. Feel free to moor at idyllic coves and avoid crowded ports. Take as many showers as you like. By picking the right agent you have everything under control!

Power is also important. In order to be self-sufficient on the yacht and be able to travel a much and anywhere you like, you require power. “4Winds” yachts are equipped with power generator and solar panels. All you have to do is just ask the agent to demonstrate everything you need to know in order to bring the power back in case it gets cut off. 

Look out for these… little luxuries that will make you feel at home. Are you dreaming of a sailing cruise but you’d rather have a professional taking care of the boat and sails? “4Winds” can provide you with an experienced skipper who can be your captain and tour guide throughout your cruise. He/she will be responsible for the boat at all times, while you can enjoy the cruise and get the most out of your vacation. Contact us to request a quote. In addition, we can also take care of your grocery shopping as long as you provide us (at least three days before your arrival), with the list of the supplies you’d like to have during your cruise. We will cater the goods for you and you’ll find them in the boat upon your arrival. Contact us with your list of supplies.