Sailing Yacht vacations adaptable to every budget

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20/01/2020 provatas.nikolas

Sailing Yacht vacations adaptable to every budget

Are yacht vacations accessible to anyone? The answer is simple. They are surely not considered low-budget, but when they are well-organized, they can indeed be affordable. So, in order to help you get prepared for… the time of your life, we are giving you some tips that will help you go for it!

Where do you start from? From booking your trip and your yacht. Greece is definitely one of the most popular summer destinations and we strongly advise it as well 🙂 By doing some research, you will end up at the right side of the country, either this is the Aegean or the Ionian sea. When time comes to sign the contract, you will get it in English, whereas you will be able to pay either in US dollars or Euros.  

What about the cost? The cost depends on the type and the size of the boat and on the days of the trip. Typically, bookings are made on a 7-day basis, Saturday to Saturday but that doesn’t mean that you can’t book for less or more days. Moreover, another factor that will have an impact on the cost, is the time period you’ll plan your sailing holidays. July and August are definitely in higher demand and more pricy options. June or September are ideal for sailing, the weather is not too hot, the waters are calmer and prices are considerably lower. You have indeed innumerous alternatives…You can find sailing boats from 2.000 euros or less, up to 20.000 euros or more, for a one-week rental. Given the fact that this cost can be split among 8 or 10 persons, we can easily conclude that sailing yacht vacations are not as expensive as someone would think.  

Next move? Choosing the right yacht for you. Catamaran or Monohull? Space and convenience vs the excitement of sailing. This is the first dilemma. Which is also related to budget. Cats tend to be twice as expensive compared to Monohulls for the same boat length. But they are a lot more spacious. 

The next question is, how large is your party? and the consistence of the group will determine the number of cabins and toilets you really need. Keeping these things in mind, 4Winds Yachting is here to advise you on which yacht is suitable for you according to your preferences. We can assist you to personalize your experience by advising you for possible itineraries, ideal destinations, transportations, etc.

How many stops are you “allowed” to make during your trip? As many as you want! Yachts can make several stops at the islands you like; at the beaches you see and at the secret bays you have always wanted to visit. What does this mean? That you are free to organize your holidays by adding some sightseeing and shopping time for souvenirs, experiencing local food, as well as other activities such as water sports etc. All the above, will give you the opportunity to create the most fullfiling and complete holiday program ever!