Tracing and discovering the beauties of Greece step by step, a traveller can easily conclude that the Ionian Sea islands, away from the glamour and social character of Cyclades and the Aegean Sea islands, provide all the desired holiday conditions that combine high aesthetics, elegance, simplicity and adventure, thanks to the unparalleled natural landscapes that this part of our country offers.

The Ionian Sea is filled from end to end with Eptanisa, the Ionian Islands Complex. Twelve small and large islands, seven of which are bigger and more inhabitable and that is the reason why this island complex was named after them. According to the tradition and historical sources, the Ionian Islands were inhabited during the Palaeolithic era, while they prospered (heyday) during the Mycenaean period by the reign of the prodigious Odysseus, King of Ithaca whose action and personality marked the Trojan War and the epic Odyssey.

Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos are the 6 largest inhabited islands of Eptanisa. With a common historical past and a more or less similar cultural identity, they are very close to the coasts of Epirus, Sterea Hellas and Northwest Peloponnese. Their territory is mountainous with small fertile valleys. Their coasts, which are the predominant reason to visit them, consist of many small and large bays and innumerable capes.

Their character is different from the islands of the rest of the country as we observe the harmonious coexistence of the Venetian domination with a clear influence on the manners, the customs and the buildings together with the Greek origin of the area. Nevertheless, every island has also its own character: Corfu’s architecture with its Venetian influences, the tiny island of Paxoi which is full of olive trees, the rocky Ithaca, the wild beauty of Kefalonia, the full of sounds and nostalgia Zakynthos and the unique Lefkada with the marvellous combination of mountain and sea, make up a scenery, attractive to every visitor.


Distances between ports, marinas:

Lefkas marina – Corfu (Gouvia marina)


Lefkas marina – Parga


Lefkas marina – Paxos


Lefkas marina – Ithaki


Lefkas marina – Zakynthos (Zante)


Lefkas marina – Astakos


Corfu (Gouvia marina) – Zakynthos (Zante)


Corfu (Gouvia marina) – Syvota


Corfu (Gouvia marina) – Lakka (Paxos)




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