In the land of Ulysses

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01/06/2019 TestUser

In the land of Ulysses

Discovering the Ionian Sea inch by inch with the magnificent Dufour 460 of 4Winds, sailors will feel the breeze of the “resourceful Ulysses” in every beach, every bay and cove. The King of Ithaca spent a small part of his adventures in the Ionian Islands and the Ionian Sea, but his home island was always there, awaiting his return. Ithaca is still standing proudly in the midst of the Ionian sea and subconsciously calls at the sailors’ souls to sail to this mythical place.

There have been numerous discussions and various theories about the places allegedly visited by the Ulysses during his 10-year return trip from Troy to Ithaca. Nevertheless, they all agree that the grand finale of his adventures takes place in the Ionian Islands, in Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Ithaca.

When approaching the Ionian coasts, a metaphysical aura magnifies the visitor’s senses, making him want to experience and participate in the pain and distress of the resourceful Ulysses and really feel the relief when he finds his “Ithaca” together with his beloved hero. In fact, all this journey and experience is ideally described in the verses of Greek poet K. Cavafy: “The journey and not the destination is what actually matters”.

The unique natural beauties of the Ionian Sea can offer an unforgettable life journey that will be permanently engraved in memory. The combination of the breath-taking landscapes with the myths and legends surrounding King Ulysses, elevate the journey on another dimension, setting the stage for a life experience that the lucky visitor will be narrating to friends and family for the years to come. 4Winds is here to help you start your adventure.