Sailing races in Greece

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Sailing races in Greece

A significant number of sailing races are organized in Greece every year, especially during the summer months.

From March to November, the calendar is full of events which offer participants not only the joy of taking part but also the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, the beaches, the cuisine and the daily lives of the areas they visit. The races are organized in the Aegean, the Ionian, the Dodecanese, Crete but also near Athens in the Saronic Gulf.

The most famous races that take place in the Greek seas are the Aegean Regatta, the Aegean Rally, the Cyclades Regatta and the Ionian Rally. Especially the Ionian Rally is considered a point of reference, organized in the heart of the summer, usually in August, allowing participants to enjoy the unsurpassable beauty of the Ionian landscape and coastline. The selected courses usually combine touring and tourism and are of particular interest for participants. Corfu, the Diapontian Islands, Paxi and the coasts of the western mainland make up the jigsaw puzzle of the course usually followed.  Additional information is available at Ionian Rally 2019 

Moreover, the great races held in the Aegean the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, have helped build a reputation that reaches beyond the Greek borders and have created suitable conditions for the promotion of our country and its natural beauty and destinations all over the world.
Information for those races can be found at:

Ionian Rally
Aegean Rally
Aegean Regatta
Cyclades Regatta

Ionian Rally program 2019

Saturday August 4th 2019
Skipper’s Meeting
Welcome Ceremony – Corfu


Monday August 5th 2019
1st Offshore Race: Corfu – Erikousa


Tuesday August 6th 2019
2nd Offshore Race: Coastal Race


Wednesday August 7th 2019
3rd Offshore Race: Erikousa – Paxoi


Thursday August 8th 2019
Free day


Friday August 9th 2019
4th Offshore Race: Paxoi – Preveza


Saturday August 10th 2019
5th Offshore Race: Coastal Race – Prize Giving Ceremony

Aegean Rally program 2019

Thursday July 18th 2019
19:00 Skipper’s Meeting
20:30 Welcome Ceremony


Friday July 19th 2019
1st Offshore Race: Faliron – Astypalaia
Start: From Faliron bay at 18:00 hrs.
Course: Faliro – Astypalaia, Distance: 170 n.m.


Monday July 22nd 2019
13:00 Beach party


Tuesday July 23rd 2019
Coastal Race (depending on the weather conditions)
Start: Outside of Pera Gialos port at 11:00 hrs.
Course: Coastal
Distance 15 – 25 nautical miles.
21:00 Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony.


Wednesday July 24th 2019
2nd Offshore Race: Astypalaia (Pera Gialos) – Milos
Start: Outside of Pera Gialos port at 10:00 hrs.
Course: Astypalaia – Milos, Distance: 114 n.m.


Thursday July 25th 2019
13:00 Beach party


Friday July 26th 2019
21:00 Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony.


Saturday July 27th 2019
3rd Offshore Race: Milos (Adamas) – Sounio
Start: Outside of Adamas port at 12:00 hrs.
Course: Milos – Sounio, Distance: 70 n.m.


Monday July 29th 2019
21:00 Prize Giving Ceremony at the Aegean Naval Command, Piraeus.


* Alternative courses & Scoring gates will be set in 1st & 2nd Offshore races

Aegean Regatta program 2019

Saturday August 17th 2019
10:00 Registration and inspections


Sunday August 18th 2019
10:00 Registration and inspections
20:00 Skippers meeting
21:00 Opening ceremony


Monday August 19th 2019
11:00 Offshore Race – Mytilene to Plomari (Lesvos), approx. 25nm


Tuesday August 20th 2019
Free day


Wednesday August 21th 2019
11:00 Offshore Race – Plomari to Psara, approx. 48nm


Thursday August 22th 2019
Free day


Friday August 23th 2019
11:00 Offshore Race – Psara to Oinousses, approx. 35nm


Saturday August 24th 2019
11:00 Inshore Races, Oinousses
21:00 Closing ceremony

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In order to ensure that anyone interested in accurate and timely information regarding sailing events in Greece, almost every marina on our islands or mainland coasts, features offices set up by sailing clubs which provide not only training, but also all necessary information and conditions for participating in the races as well as a detailed schedule.

The natural elements of light, water and air, are harmoniously combined in Greece offering visitors the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments that stay forever in their hearts and souls.