Water sports

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Water sports

Greece’s unique geographical location and the combination of its particularly rugged coastline and the numerous islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas, undoubtedly make the country and ideal location for water sports. The strong winds, the magical seabed and the energy of the waves allow water sport lovers to journey into an amazing world of sea-related activities.

The king of these activities is sailing. The northern wind, known as meltemi, that blows in the Aegean in August fills the sails propelling the vessels to conquer the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Sporades islands. The meltemi is not as intense in the Ionian sea, but the coastline which looks as if it were cut in lace and the morphology of the land and sea are a challenge for the sailor who does not wish to settle for the simple courses but instead wants to experience images of incomparable beauty. The landscape and hidden splendors are often enough to fulfill a sailor’s desires to the extent that taming the waves often seems to pale in significance.

After sailing comes scuba diving. Impressive shipwrecks and underwater caves lure those who seek adventure and love exploring the depths of the sea.

For those who are not intrigued by the deep sea there is also the surface of the sea and its foam. Windsurfing, water-skiing, kite-surfing, surfing, sea-kayaking and wakeboarding are water sports for which there are organized beaches ready to offer maximum enjoyment. Information on all of the above activities can be found at:

Bananawatersports (Banana Beach, Vasilikos, Zakynthos)
Bukabuka (Bela Vraka, and Buka Buka beach, Sivota)
Seakayaking kefalonia (Trapezaki area, Kefalonia)
Kavvadas Watersports (Nydri Village, Lefkada)
Atcorfu (Corfu Travel Guide)

Water sports can often seem hard and unapproachable for someone who has never tried them before. They are however so interesting and simple to do that anyone who gives them a go even once, becomes a dedicated follower.
The Greek seas offer all necessary guarantees for properly experiencing such sports and for offering ultimate pleasure to all those who wish to become familiar with them, whether young or old.
The Ionian Sea awaits you to combine relaxation and a burst of adrenaline offered by these water sports.