The Mediterranean diet, exercise and wellness

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26/04/2019 TestUser

The Mediterranean diet, exercise and wellness

The rugged coastline that seems to be cut in lace, the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea and the overall beauty of the Greek seas is an integral part of the greater natural beauty exuded by the Mediterranean Sea. One of our planet’s jewels that adds positive energy and results to many aspects of our daily lives. One, which leads to wellness and helps maintain our physical health and fitness at top levels, is the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet features a variety of nutrients necessary for the proper sustenance of children, adults and the elderly since it provides the balance needed by the human body through the intake of all essential elements. People who eat a Mediterranean diet receive the ideal amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

This diet favours the use of olive oil, vegetables, fruit (mainly citrus) and of course fish. Long-term studies have all but proven that people who eat the above foods can naturally deal with, or prevent diseases and health issues such as hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and in some cases even cancer.
A moderate and balanced observance of the above eating habits combined with a suitable exercise regime can lead to a great improvement in wellness and quality of life.

The geographical location of Greece and the broader Mediterranean region plays a huge part in fitness too since it allows us to choose from a variety of water sports. The element of water not only allows for a full-body workout but is also mood-enhancing, creating the ideal conditions for maximum daily health levels. It is no accident that being in frequent contact with the sea has a calming effect and is recommended for mental health improvement.

The Ionian…… the Mediterranean Sea …… not only a place for relaxation, but a way of life.