In the northern part of the Ionian Islands, just south of the Amvrakikos Gulf, lies Lefkada. It looks more like a peninsula rather than an island and is an autonomous geographic entity along with its neighbouring islands (Meganissi, Skorpios, Kalamos). Access to the island is by car from Akarnania (Sterea Hellas) or by air via the airport of Preveza.
Lefkada is the place, a maritime anchor point, which can be used as a benchmark by the visitor who loves the vastness of the sea and who wants to discover beaches and small virgin islands that can turn his holidays into a visit to an earthly Paradise.

By reaching and discovering the sights of the island the visitor’s interest is triggered by the Venetian elements in the architecture of the buildings and the streets, especially in the capital of Lefkada. But the journey and the senses are intensified when we reach the beaches of the island. Megali Ammoudia, near Kastro, Lygia, Nidri, Aspros Gialos, Vassiliki, Agios Nikitas and Sivota are beaches where their coastline will give the visitor the feeling of rest and absolute relaxation. We should not forget Porto Katsiki and the famous Egremni, the beautiful beaches that are bustling with life during the summer.

Lefkada has such geographic morphology that the hidden beauties of the beaches and the stunning blue-green waters can satisfy the demanding visitor only if he has the appropriate means to visit them. That is why in a modern marina that provides the necessary comforts, the visitor can acquire a base in order to reach the beauties not only of the island but also of the surrounding small islands that create an island complex of incomparable beauty.




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